Vacation Rental

Vacation Rental



Gaviota unit is what we call a 1+1 accomodation. It has a master bedroom and the living room closes up with sliding door to make another independent room. For families & friends it"s ideal since there is a connecting door between the two rooms which you may choose to close or not. Leave it open and you have a spacious living area, close it and you still have a living area next to the kitchen. Step out of the unit and few steps you are in the jacuzzi area. Walk straight and you are heading towards the Flamboyan Terrace. Walk around and you have a full acre of space, peace and tranquility.

Enjoy the jacuzzi by the unit for total relaxation and romantic moments. beaches nearby

True comfort and space

"a beautiful seagull"

​"If once you have slept on an island, you’ll never be the same; you may look as you looked before and go by the same old name. You may hustle about everywhere you go, you may sit and sew but wherever you go you’ll see blue waters, wheeling sea gulls and remember the view and pleasantry at the  Birdnestudios"....spacious, comfortable, homey, full of amenities, romantic moments and memories to share.....with a magnificent view and a beautiful surroundings and a spectacular environment will not regret it, its a promise...Oh, one nite enjoy a delicious paella from yourpersonalcuisine by Waldo-beaches nearby 

Rates: (check seasonal rates)
Sleeps 6
145 for two people per nite;

additional persons $15 per nite up to 4
Weekly (7nights: $950)
Please add 7% room tax...
just one nite....add $30.00 house cleaning fee
Returning discounts: 1st time return 5%, 
2nd time 10% 3 or more 15%

Gaviota Unit-beaches nearby