Vacation Rental

Vacation Rental



After enjoying and relaxing on our property come to one of our star beaches, pristine, white sand, Caracas beach for a morning or afternoon'll rejuvenate, promise>>>

This is something new developing in Puerto Rico. I immediately connected with it since I found the need for it my self when all; my mother, brother and niece spent lengthy times in a Houston Cancer center.

You need some time off, need space, need to change your environment drastically. Not glamor, not Vegas but good all nature, solitude, peace and tranquility. You need relaxation. You need time to think, to sort out the facts from the future. To rest and recharge your batteries. This is the Birdnest for you.  We are a half our flight from San Juan if you need to hurry back to your loved one or a 1.10 min ferry ride from the east coast of Puerto Rico.

There are times when the affected person is allowed a weekend pass or some time off between treatments, we welcome him/her also and may be able to get medical equipment for rent on the island.

So give us a call, let me see if we can accommodate your needs, we would love to host you, we've been down that path.