Calle Loma Linda, off RD 997 km 1.4   cell 787-487-4244

Tripadvisor, Flipkey and Air B&B are full with great comments about us and about our Nest but what we are most proud off is the number of returns and referrals we get.

We have been honored with many awards due to the commentaries received by our guests. We are simple, not pretentious and with a special secluded location that makes it unique, 1.5 miles to Isabel Segunda and 4.5 miles to Esperanza. You have here more amenities (look under the Services Tab) than any other vacation apartment on the island, plus I can cook a romantic dinner for you at your request. Make sure you check our amenities list and ask for any special wish, maybe I can surprise you. 

So come on down! Join the many that have and the many that have returned, only then you can see why. But don't go away with a doubt or question in your mind, please call!


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​Well, I was an international consultant working mostly in South America. One day, I saw a man that looked old and weary. It was past mid-nite and we were waiting for our late flight back home. It came to my mind that I could be him carrying those heavy consulting bags filled with documentation from the work done. On my flight home I decided to quit this life and start a new one. Sold my house, liquidated most debts and came to Vieques. Started Birdnest, yourpersonalcuisine and my wife's art studios. Live with less but live more. So hosting you and cooking for you have become my most important venues for a day. It's priceless. 

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Vacation Rental