Vacation Rental

Vacation Rental


Concierge Services -let me help you get the most of your vacation... I want you to have the best experience and best vacation ever....I will advice you on your vacation plan and recommend optional changes to your schedule if I note some opportunity to do so even if it implies cutting your vacation short at Birdnest. We want you to tell your friends and most importantly we want you coming back again and again. So once you have booked with me please feel free to ask me or email me as much as you want. We are usually on the island and on the property.

Concierge Services

  • Let me fill up your refrigerator with groceries and something to drink so you don't find an empty fridge upon arrival; I'll bill you upon arrival
  • Transfer help from San Juan to Fajardo or Ceiba
  • Car rentals
  • My favorite restaurants
  • My favorite bars
  • My favorite beaches
  • Great snorkeling just walks from the beach
  • Local food--what to order
  • Staying in San juan?
  • Can I cook for you?
  • What is there to see in Vieques beside beautiful beaches?
  • What is a "publico" car? How do they operate? Are they reliable?
  • Is there a difference between beach front and ocean front?
  • Is a car mandatory or only suggested? After all, some places advertise a "walk form the beach".
  • Are children welcomed everywhere? They are at birdnest.
  • Sorry, NO pets only guide dogs
  • Concierge Services
  • I'll answer all of these questions and any other you may have, your vacation success is also mine!

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